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I am at a school where the principal disregards the contract.  She routinely targets the delegate.  She has attempted to take over the PCP responses by sending out her own responses.  She makes it a CPS vs CTU environment.  She does not want staff to talk to each other.  She calls it “The Crown Way” and has teachers and counselors perform tasks outside of their roles.   I have contacted the network and they came to one of our PCP meetings but I have not heard anymore from them.  After I filed an et al grievance for teachers and one for the counselors. I have been targeted with write ups.  This administrator feels the union is not needed and acts accordingly.  She has harassed 5 other past union delegates until they left.  I need help with next steps.
School: Crown

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Please reach out to your Field Rep about this ( They can assist you with next steps!
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